Top GAPS Diet FAQs

  1. How is the GAPS Diet different from other diets?
    The key to remember with the GAPS Diet is that you are actually addressing the inflammation in the gut. Most diets simply eliminate the offending foods. This does not get to the root of the issue. No band aids are used with the GAPS Diet; it should get to the root of the problem, which is lowering inflammation and providing the nutrients to promote a healthier gut.
  2. What will I eat while on the GAPS Diet?
    The GAPS Diet is a very nourishing diet with the emphasis on animal proteins, healthy fats, and fermented food. The quality of the food is important: fresh, organic, grass-fed, pastured or wild animals, homemade, from farmers or from the garden.
  3. How long will I need to be on the GAPS Diet?
    There isn’t a set time frame. You will get through the program as quickly as your body allows. Some individuals will see improvement within a few weeks; others may heal more slowly and be on the diet for a few years. Everyone comes in with a different health history and along with that, varying challenges to the immune system. Devotion to the diet and support from family is necessary for success.
  4. Do I need to stop taking my medications while on the diet?
    No. Over time, doses of medications may be reduced or discontinued. Consult a qualified health practitioner before changing any of your medications.
  5. How can I manage to keep picky eaters on the diet?
    You will be amazed how a child’s food preferences will change as you heal the gut. Over time, your child will develop a taste for the exact foods that enhance their health.
  6. The GAPS Diet sounds a bit overwhelming. What type of support is available?
    At Skye Wellness, all Certified GAPS Practitioners will provide a client assessment, walk you through the steps of the GAPS program, what to expect, menu planning and follow-up as requested. Simply call the office to set up a phone or in office appointment.

If you have additional questions, please contact Skye Wellness and your questions will be promptly addressed.